Great Dane Gratitude

Katarina Manzi

The Chi Sigma Theta Scholarship

Chi Sigma Theta sisters and recipient Katarina Manzi

Katarina Manzi knows what she wants to do with her life. “I’m going to medical school to be a neurosurgeon,” she declares without hesitation. Being able to attend UAlbany with the encouragement of The Chi Sigma Theta Scholarship has put her on the path to achieving that dream.

Katarina is part of the McNay Lab on campus, where she is doing research for her senior thesis project on olfaction and type 2 diabetes in rats. During her time at UAlbany, she’s had plenty of inspiration but credits Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry Professor Dr. Eric Block as her most memorable teacher. “He is very passionate about his research on garlic, and is very down to earth and straight forward and I appreciate that,” she says.

Although she has a fondness for many aspects of UAlbany, her favorite place on campus is the library. Not surprisingly, she spends most of her time there. She describes the “many different zones you can visit, depending on what you’re doing,” and enjoys the variety of atmospheres offered there.

Remembering back to why she chose to attend UAlbany, the Liberty, NY native explains that it made the most sense for her financially, had the programs she wanted and was not too far from home. Since then, she’s taken full advantage of what the University has to offer. In addition to her intense focus on her academic studies, Katarina has found opportunities to serve her community as well. “I’m a member of the Presidential Honors Society, which has a strong service focus on campus. I’m also a ‘POET,’ which is a Person of Extraordinary Talent. The POET community service program helps freshman students acclimate to the University. I had a lot of fun doing this.”

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