Theodore Anderson and Stephanie Leader

Elena Rodrigues Anderson '82 Presidential Scholarship

Pictured above, Theodore C. Anderson III, Esq., B.A.'82, chats with Stephanie Leader, recipient of the scholarship named for Anderson's wife, Elena Rodrigues Anderson, B.S.'82.


Stephanie Leader

Stephanie Leader, a Binghamton, N.Y. native, felt at home shortly after arriving at UAlbany. “I really love it here,” said the freshman human biology and political science major, who plans a career in the cardiology field. “UAlbany is a community, and everyone here is really close. And the University is in a really great part of Albany. I love history, too; I took a lot of advanced-placement courses in high school and earned college credit for them.”

A member of the College Republicans and the Fencing Club, Leader hopes to attend medical school; “ideally, I really want to go to NYU or Harvard.” Inspired by the support of Elena Rodrigues Anderson, B.S.82, and her husband, Ted Anderson, Esq., B.A.’82, Leader said, “I want to do the exact same thing when I get established.”

Theodore C. Anderson

University at Albany Foundation Board Director Theodore C. Anderson III, Esq., B.A.’82, realizes how vital scholarship support is. “Approximately 80 percent of undergraduate students apply for financial aid, and about 48 percent of in-state UAlbany undergraduates receive assistance,” notes the managing director of Kilgore & Kilgore PLLC, one of the oldest law firms in Dallas, Texas.

To help to alleviate the need, he and his family established the Elena Rodrigues Anderson ’82 Presidential Scholarship in his wife’s name to support an undergraduate who has achieved academic excellence. He also initiated the Ted Anderson Law Fund to provide support for law conferences, panels and discussions at UAlbany.

Anderson recently told scholarship recipients: “The University has chosen you to receive scholarships because you’re the best and the brightest, and you are clearly the future of UAlbany. We are proud of you. We look forward to following your careers – not only here, but after you graduate – and we hope they will blossom to the point where you can give back to the University. Scholarships have to be an option to students. They create opportunities and recognize talent.”

The World Within Reach - The Morris Altman Research Fund

Gary M. Jacobson '82 Scholarship:
Established by Foundation Director and UAlbany alumnus Gary Jacobson, B.A. '82 to support undergraduates involved in community service projects benefiting children.