Outright Gifts

An outright contribution may be directed to any educational purpose at the University. It may be made in separate payments or all at once. Gifts which will total $25,000 may establish an endowment - a permanent fund dedicated to a specific purpose such as scholarships or awards, to promote research or support our libraries, to underwrite lectures or cultural activities, or provide for a particular department or program.

Example: A donor may wish to contribute $50,000 to establish an endowed scholarship in her name or in the name of a loved one. The total amount may be given at one time or an initial gift of $25,000 would allow the fund to be established. The following year, the donor could make the remaining gift, also using cash or, perhaps, appreciated stock. In both instances, the donor will receive a charitable tax deduction and for the gift of stock, she will avoid capital gain tax in the value of the appreciation.


Information provided is not intended to be estate, tax or financial advice. We recommend that you seek professional counsel on such issues from your attorney, accountant, or other financial advisor.

Investing in students - Lawrence and Marie Shore Life Sciences Graduate Student Scholarship

Lawrence and Marie Shore Life Sciences Graduate Student Scholarship:
2011-12 Shore Scholars, Erica Hutchins and Kevin Liu explore Life Sciences with Biological Sciences Professor Ben Szaro.