Charitable Lead Trusts

Unlike a Charitable Remainder Trust which provides lifetime payments to an income beneficiary with the "remainder" going to UAlbany, a Charitable Lead Trust does just the opposite. Through a Lead Trust, the annual income interest is paid to UAlbany or another qualified charitable organization and the assets are eventually returned to you or passed on to your children, grandchildren or other named individuals.

A Lead Trust can be for a lifetime or for a set period of years and can provide a fixed or variable flow of income to UAlbany depending on how the Lead Trust is formed. In addition, there can be significant estate and tax benefits through using this type of trust.

In view of the complexities in drafting such a trust, consultation with an estate attorney is recommended.

Information provided is not intended to be estate, tax or financial advice. We recommend that you seek professional counsel on such issues from your attorney, accountant, or other financial advisor.

Investing in students - Lawrence and Marie Shore Life Sciences Graduate Student Scholarship

Lawrence and Marie Shore Life Sciences Graduate Student Scholarship:
2011-12 Shore Scholars, Erica Hutchins and Kevin Liu explore Life Sciences with Biological Sciences Professor Ben Szaro.