Gift Planning

Gift planning offers a variety of ways to structure contributions to UAlbany to provide maximum benefits to the donor, their families and heirs, and the University. These include gifts with special financial, investment, tax, or legal considerations and might involve assets other than cash, such as securities, real estate, art work, or life insurance. Bequests, charitable trusts and various life-income gifts are part of our Gift Planning offerings (sometimes called Planned Giving).

Ways to give:

Outright: An outright contribution can be framed to establish a permanent fund immediately or over a period of time using cash and/or other assets.

Bequests: The easiest way to make a gift to the future with no cost in the present. See types of bequests with sample language.

Life Income Plans: There are several life income plans which allow you to make a charitable contribution and receive both income and tax benefits.

Charitable Lead Trust: A Charitable Lead Trust can allow you to transfer assets to your children or others or returned to yourself while also benefitting UAlbany.

Life Insurance: A life insurance policy can be donated to UAlbany with a tax benefit. Or, UAlbany can be named a beneficiary.

IRA and Retirement Plan Gifts: A way to reduce income tax and, possibly, estate tax through naming UAlbany as a beneficiary.

Letter of Intent: If you have named UAlbany as a beneficiary of a bequest or trust, or are planning to do so, please review this information.

Information provided is not intended to be estate, tax or financial advice. We recommend that you seek professional counsel on such issues from your attorney, accountant, or other financial advisor.

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