Our Work

Believing that health, well-being, and human rights are influenced by a wide range of factors, the Institute seeks to promote a rich and interdisciplinary approach to best meet the health and human rights challenges of our contemporary world. Activities of the Institute include: collaborative research, education through the creation of graduate, undergraduate, online and certification courses and programs; participation in policy reform and implementation to work towards universal and equal access to health-care both at home and abroad; advocacy work to encourage understanding, protection and promotion of health as a human right for the most vulnerable segments of society; and projects to promote social, biological, and mental well-being.

Recognizing that the health and well-being of society at large is bound up in the well-being of its least advantaged members, there is a special focus on the challenges that affect traditionally marginalized and vulnerable populations including: prisoners and other persons deprived of liberty, people living with HIV/AIDS, STI’s, Hepatitis and TB, those affected by mental health and addiction, patients with neglected diseases, women, girls, minorities, persons living with disabilities, newborns, children, LGBT groups, older adults, etc.