Field Work & Applied Research

From its inception, the Institute has been devoted to creating research opportunities for motivated students and health professionals to work together across borders and disciplines to gain practical experience while building the justification for the connectedness and importance of health and human rights. By supporting various international projects, the Institute will cultivate local capacity while strengthening the bonds of health diplomacy between nations. By working on behalf of the world’s most underserved populations, the Institute hopes to raise the bar of health for all of humanity. The Institute will share the lessons learned in the field through various publications to further build the knowledge base of health and human rights for future health workers to draw upon.

Projects include:

  • Developing projects for harm-reduction and capacity-building to protect health, including in the realms of family planning and reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, and more
  • Engaging with NGOs, ministries, local governments, and others to improve their ability to promote health and human rights
  • Working directly with vulnerable populations to address their concerns and best improve their health outcomes
  • Coordinating the delivery of health services to populations in need
  • Using health diplomacy and international collaboration to improve community and international relations
  • Facilitating research that crosses disciplinary boundaries to demonstrate the important and understudied link between health and human rights
  • Creating fellowships for research areas of interest
  • Coordinating joint publications
  • Providing opportunities for applied research in the field

Selected Activities: