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Eight-Week Farsi Class
The announcement below was for the Fall 2017 semester. Please check back later for Spring 2018 opportunities.
If you've ever had an interest in Farsi (Persian) or have wanted to better familiarize yourself with Persian culture, history, and language, sign up for ALIN 289 Directed Study in Foreign Language (class number 10961) in Farsi! This class is an 8 week program beginning 10/27/17 for three credits. It is being offered pass/fail as we know that learning Farsi might not be the easiest language for an English-speaker to learn. The language aspect of the class is taught by Professor Shabban Alaei, professor of Persian Literature in Iran for over 50 years while Ali Alaei, an architect who taught Persian architecture and culture, is teaching the cultural portions of the class. Please email Michalina Kulesza ( with any questions about the program. Note that after October 23rd students will need a permission number in order to register.