Selected Peer Reviewed Published Journal Articles

Alaei, A., Alaei, K., Waye, K., Tracy, M., Nalbandyan, M., Mutlu, E., & Cetin, M. K. (2017). Hepatitis C infection and other drug‐related harms among inpatients who injected drugs in Turkey. Journal of viral hepatitis, 24(6), 496-505.

Alaei, A., & Alaei, K. (2013). Drug users need more choices at addiction treatment facilities. BMJ, 346, f1520.

Alaei, K., Sarwar, M., Alaei, A. (2017). The Urgency to Mitigate the Spread of Hepatitis C in Pakistan Through Blood Transfusion Reform. International Journal of Health Policy and Management.

Mutlu, E., Alaei, A., Tracy, M., Waye, K., Cetin, M. K., & Alaei, K. (2016). Correlates of injection drug use among individuals admitted to public and private drug treatment facilities in Turkey. Drug and alcohol dependence, 164, 71-81.


Under Review

“Factors associated with linkage to care for HIV patients in Tajikistan”
Submitted to: AIDS Care

“Gender and AIDS-related deaths in Tajikistan”
Submitted to: Women and Health

“Hepatitis C infection among people living with HIV/AIDS in Tajikistan”
Submitted to: Hepatitis Monthly

“Living in an urban area is associated with more frequent prevention of HIV transmission from mother to child in Tajikistan”
Submitted to: Maternal and Child Health Journal

“Real Impact of Human Rights Promotion on Protection of Health: A Cross-Country Analysis”
Submitted to: Bulletin of the World Health Organization

“Social support and demographic factors associated with drug resistant TB among people living with HIV in Kazakhstan”
Submitted to: International Journal of Health Policy and Management

“Women’s Rights, Health and Development: An Analysis of the Correlation Between the Protection of Women’s Economic and Social Rights, with Health Improvement and Sustainable Development”
Submitted to: BMJ Open


Selected Working Papers

Alaei,  K., *Juan, S.C, *Riback,  L., Alaei, A. (2017) Characteristics of Buprenorphine Injecting versus Non-Buprenorphine Injecting Drug Users.

Young, Y., *Paynter, C., Brennan-Ing, M.; Alaei, K, *Juan, S.C. (2017) Comorbidity and Caring: Are There Synergistic Effects between Disease and Social Support on Functional Disability in People Living with HIV/AIDS.

Young, Yuchi; Alaei, Kamiar; * Juan, Shao - Chiu; * Christopher Paynter, Mark Brennan - Ing. (2017) Getting What You Need: Determinants of Unmet Social Needs in People Living with HIV.

Young, Y., *Paynter, C., *Young Byun, S., Alaei, K. (2017) Planning long term care for those aging with HIV/AIDS: Do any of the disability scales measure up?

Alaei, K.,*Ehret, C.A.,*Juan, S.C., *Hunt, L., Yaser Anwar, M., Khoshnood, K., Fox, A.M., Dillon, F., Bowen, E., Mishra, D., Amin, Z., Alaei, A. (2017). Migration, Displacement, and Risk of Blood-Borne Diseases among Afghan Drug Users.

Alaei, K., Young, Y., *Juan, S.C., *Byun, S., *Paynter, C., *Riback, L., *Ahmed, N., Alaei, A. (2017). An Assessment of the Long-Term Care Needs of the Aging HIV Population in New York City.

Alaei, K., Harrington, A., * Johnson, S.F., * DeVuyst, M., * Juan, S.C., Alaei, A. (2017). To What Extent Health Indicators and Human Rights to Health Indicators are Compatible with Respect to HIV/AIDS Services for Injecting Drug Users.

Alaei, K., *Liu, T.H., *Kuo, A., *Juan, S.C., *Lee, T.S.H., Alaei, A. (2017). An Overview of the Gender Differences in HIV Risk among Injection Drug Users in Taiwan.

*Juan, S.C., Alaei, K., *Hunt, L.,*Ehret, C.A., Alaei, A. (2017). Policy and Cultural Factors Affecting Drug Treatment Services in Afghanistan: An Ecological Approach.

*Juan, S.C., Alaei, K., *Kuo, P.P., Alaei, A., Huang, J.H. (2017). The Rising Tide of HIV and HCV Co-Infection: An Alarming Example of Injection Drug Users in Taiwan.


In Progress

Alaei, K., *Juan,  S.C., *Won, H. (2017) HIV-specific state laws and the disclosure of HIV serostatus.

Alaei, K., *Juan, S.C., et al. (2017) The extent to which there are gender, sexual orientation, and racial differences in HIV-related risk factors (e.g., needle sharing, unprotected sex)

Alaei, K., *Juan, S.C., et al. (2017) The extent to which there are gender, sexual orientation, and racial differences in the access to healthcare (HIV testing services, HIV testing results, and HIV treatment)

Alaei, K., *Juan, S.C., et al. (2017) The extent to which there are differences in HIV risk in terms of the injection of a specific drug

Alaei, K., Alaei, A., Zanganehpour, S. *Mohamadi, M. (2017) Social and Economic Development in Transition Economies: The Role for Entrepreneurship. In, B. Ramos, P. Miesing, & K. Briar - Lawson, Social and Economic Development in Tra nsition Economies: The Role for Entrepreneurship. SUNY Press. 2016

*Student author