Syrian Education Project – Faculty and Students Needed to Assist in Instruction           

Around the world, millions of persons are displaced from their homes due to conflict, persecution, and other disasters. Of these millions, hundreds of thousands of persons are displaced from colleges and universities, and are hindered in their pursuit of higher education. During displacement, these students face physical, language, and financial barriers to the access of higher education. In addition to these barriers, limited higher education programs exist specifically for displaced students.         

Currently, one of the largest groups of disadvantaged and displaced students originates from the conflict in Syria. Approximately 200,000 displaced Syrian students are qualified for higher education, according to the World Bank and Institute of International Education. The Global Institute for Health and Human Rights (GIHHR) located at the State University of New York at Albany (UAlbany) in the United States has developed, adapted, and began delivery of a fully online and free of charge higher education program for Syrian students in the field of medical and health sciences who are displaced both within Syria and in border countries.         

The program was launched in June of 2016, and currently, over 320 students are engaged in academic courses and Intensive English Language Program (IELP). These 320+ students are currently engaged in health science courses, which are delivered in students’ native language of Arabic. The students also participated in a placement exam for the IELP, and over 30 students qualified and enrolled in the upper intermediate level of English.         

 As the majority of Syrians are Arabic-proficient, but not English proficient, the program delivers academic courses in Arabic language. Simultaneously, the program delivers IELP in order to equip participants with the English language skills needed to communicate and for success in academics, future careers, and daily life.         

What we are asking for now is your help. We want to expand this program to reach even more than we currently are. We need faculty who are willing to teach a range of courses and we also need students who are willing to be TAs. If you are interested IN HELPING EXPAND THE SYRIAN EDUCATION PROJECT please take the survey below and we will be in contact with you as soon as possible. If you are interested please take the survey below and we will be in contact with you as soon as possible. There are two versions of the survey one is for those looking to work with us in a faculty capacity (i.e. writing curriculum, recording lectures and creating lesson plans) and the other is for students looking to assist with the program for either academic credit or as a volunteer.