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Farhat Ahmad Farhat will be graduating in the Spring of 2020 from the University at Albany with a double major in Public Health and Globalization Studies. The spring of 2017 was her first semester with GIHHR. As an intern she has researched HIV prevalence in Pakistan and she is currently working on the Online Education for Displaced Syrian Students project. After graduating, Farhat intends on pursuing a Masters in Global Public Health. Recipient of the Spellman Academic Achievement Award.

Yeong An Yeong is a senior majoring in English and History and minoring in Education. She is an exchange student from the University of Grenoble in France. Spring 2018 is her second semester spending her exchange year at UAlbany and her first semester working as an intern at GIHHR. She will be working in a media team with other colleagues at GIHHR. She hopes to work in a non-profit organization for the sake of improving the lives of social minorities after her graduation. Explo'ra Sup scholarship (France)

Thomas Banco Thomas will be graduating in the Spring of 2020 with a Bachelor in Science degree from the University at Albany. The Spring of 2017 was his first semester interning at the GIHHR. He then spent the following summer working with the GIHHR and now he has been promoted to the undergraduate research assistant position for the upcoming Fall 2017 semester. During his time at GIHHR he has done literature reviews of articles concerning HIV in Tajikistan among at risk groups. He is currently conducting a comparative study of the prevalence of mental health disorders among refugees, internally displaced persons, returning refugees and stationary civilians who were affected by the Bosnian War (1991-1995). Thomas plans on attending medical school post graduation. GIHHR Intern of the Week

University at Albany Honors College (member)

Pre-Medical Club (member)

Presidential Honors Society (member)

Global Medicine and Human Rights Living-Learning Community (former member)

Aliza Barnett Aliza Barnett is a Biology Major with two minors; psychology and women’s, gender, and sexuality studies. She began working for the GIHHR in the fall of 2017 and began working on two studies; one on Multi Drug Resistant Tuberculosis in Tajikistan, and one on Drug and Injected Drug use among the HIV/AIDS population in Tajikistan. When she graduates in May of 2018, Aliza plans to volunteer for the Peace Corps, and then pursue her Master’s in Public Health. GIHHR Intern of the Week

Member of Tri-Beta National Biological Honors Society

2017 President’s Award for Leadership: Interfaith Center Award

Presented Research at Annual Life Sciences Undergraduate Symposium

Alex Bradt Alexandra is a psychology major with a minor in criminal justice in her senior year at the University at Albany. This fall marks Alex's second semester volunteering for the GIHHR. During her time, she has done research and aided in the creation of a tool to help police officers when they come interact with those who have mental disabilities. While not in the office or in class you might find Alex outdoors enjoying a hike with friends or at a concert. After graduation, her plans are to move to the west coast and pursue her passion of psychology by becoming a substance abuse counselor.  

Valerie Bresier Valerie will be graduating in May 2020 from the University with a major in Biology with a minor in Africana Studies. She is very involved on campus as sophomore representative of the Honors College Governing board, member of Minority Association of Pre-Health Students, NAACP, Haitian Student Association, the Mock Trial Team, and Doctors For Hope. She began interning in Fall 2017 and has been working on literature reviews, grant proposals, and articles concerning HIV/AIDs in marginalized communities and heroin use in Turkey. Following graduation, she plans on attending medical school in the hopes of becoming a physician serving underserved populations and opening her own free health clinic in Haiti. Spellman Academic Achievement Award

NAACP Health Committee

Dean’s List of Distinguished Students

Honors College Governing Board

Presidential Honor Society

National Society of Collegiate Scholars

Tanner Brooks Tanner is a biochemistry major here at the University at Albany. The spring 2017 semester was his first semester with GIHHR. During his time here he has done research, worked on the Online Education for Displaced Syrian Students project, and worked with fellow interns to create the winter GIHHR winter Newsletter. After Tanner graduates in 2020, he plans on attending medical school.

Bibi Chaterpateah Bibi is a senior majoring in Human Biology and minoring in Globalization Studies. She is on the Pre-Health track. Upon graduation, she plans on pursuing a Masters in Public Health. She is very involved on campus. For three semesters, she was a member of Middle Earth and was Community Engagement Chair. She was a Peer Wellness Ambassador. She works with Residential Life (CHARGE Peer Educator representing the Apartments), the Multicultural Resource Center (Peer Educator), and the Living Learning Communities (since freshman year, as a World Representative, World Ambassador, and now as the Community Assistant of the World of Career Discovery). She has spent her summers working for Orientation and Transition Programs (first as an Orientation Assistant and then as a Managerial Assistant in Summer 2017) and the Admissions office (Tour Guide, 2017). Her hobbies include painting and meditating. She is a trained Yoga Instructor with Campus Recreation. She likes to do community service and travel, and spent a week in Costa Rica for an Alternative Spring Break Program in 2017. GIHHR Intern of the Week

Emerging Student Leader Graduate (Spring 2015)

Dean’s List of Distinguished Students (Spring 2015)

Spellman Academic Achievement Award 2016

Great Dane Award (2016 President’s Award for Leadership)



Seika Jono Seika Jono is a senior student who is pursuing a bachelor of political science degree with a minor in criminal justice. She has completed two years of college in her home country of Japan and is expected to gain two degrees both from Japan and from UAlbany. Fall 2017 is her first semester interning at the GIHHR. She tries to connect the institute with organizations in Japan and Korea that share the same goal with GIHHR. She hopes to be an international human rights lawyer in the future so she is planning to attend law school here in the United States after graduating in May 2019. GIHHR Intern of the Week

Dean's List of Distinguished Students

Members of the Presidential Honor's Society

Full-scholarship student from Kansaigaidai University

Members of the dual degree program at Kansaigaidai University & University at Albany

Chandan Kang In May 2018 Chandan will be graduating from the University of Glasgow, Scotland. Chandan is currently completing a joint honors degree in History & Politics. She has been working with GIHHR since the fall of 2016. During her time at GIHHR Chandan was a student assistant where she assisted in coordinating the Intensive English language Program for Displaced Syrian Medical students, as well as this she was also an instructor. Chandan also worked on a project which aimed at unfolding the main issues regarding the stigmatizing of women in Indian with HIV aids and how this correlates with the lack of women attending clinics for treatment. Following her graduation Chandan plans to attain a law degree in the United Kingdom with a hope of working in America in the future. Dean’s List of Distinguished Students

Michalina Kulesza Michalina is in her third year at UAlbany and studies anthropology with minors in Russian and Spanish. She enjoys learning languages and recently studied abroad in Peru working on her Spanish fluency. She will be graduating in 2018 and intends on attaining a Masters of International Relations degree and further working as a diplomat. During her first semester at the GIHHR, she worked translating and sorting data pertaining to sex workers in Tajikistan. She also worked translating legal documents into Spanish for prisoners in the global setting that are unaware of their rights. She is an active member of the Newman Catholic Organization and the UAlbany Dance Council. GIHHR Intern of the Month

Dean’s List

Vice President of Community Service for the Newman Catholic Organization

UAlbany Dance Council Member

Middle Earth Peer Wellness Ambassador

Dhanisha Nandigama Dhanisha is a sophomore pursuing a major in biochemistry at the University at Albany. She will be graduating in May 2019. She joined GIHHR in June 2016. She began by working on the Syrian Refugee Project, where she took videos of lectures at the University at Albany for medical students in Aleppo, Syria. She later initiated a research project in India, in which she explores reasons why there is a lack of Indian women with HIV using helpline services. She is passionate about learning new avenues of public health, and is excited to be part of the GIHHR community. Presidential Honors Society
Member of University at Albany Honors College

Collin O'Connor
Collin O’Connor is currently an undergraduate senior at the University at Albany. In May he will graduate with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biological Sciences, and a minor in Public Health. He started at GIHHR as an intern during his fall 2017 semester. As an intern he has worked on various projects, involving the prevalence of HIV/HCV co-infection, harm reduction policies, and HIV disclosure laws. Following graduation, Collin plans on pursuing a Master’s degree in Public Health. GIHHR Intern of the Month

GIHHR Intern of the Week

Paul Pangburn Paul will graduate in May 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Business Administration. Beginning in October of 2016, Paul has been researching diversion programs for low-level drug users and a grant proposal for funding a program that intends to build better police and immigrant relations in the City of Albany. Future plans include attending graduate school to earn a Master’s degree in Economics.

Dean’s List of Distinguished Students

Member of the Presidential Honor Society

Member of UAlbany’s Honors College                   

Sam Quetchenbach Sam will graduate in May 2019 with a political science degree from the University at Albany. Spring 2017 was Sam’s first semester with the GIHHR, during which he worked on several literary analysis projects. Sam plans on attending law school after he graduates in 2019. GIHHR Intern of the Month

Dean’s List

Member of the Presidential Honor Society

Member of UAlbany’s Honors College

Hyolim Shin Hyolim Shin is a senior Bachelor student of Arts in Political Science and Communication at the University at Albany. She will be graduating in the Spring of 2018. Spring of 2018 is her first semester interning in a media team at GIHHR. Her long-term interests in human rights and health issues of minority groups became as a motivation to act on behalf of the people. She is pursuing to promote the well-being of the society for her future plans with the experiences of studying in the United States and South Korea after graduation. Member of the Presidential Honors Society

Dean’s List of Distinguished Students

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