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The Global Institute for Health and Human Rights was officially founded in 2013 by physicians and renowned human rights activists Kamiar Alaei and Arash Alaei with the mission of generating a deeper understanding of the intersection between health and human rights, and promoting innovative solutions to contemporary challenges in this arena. Through research, education, policy, advocacy and development, the Institute seeks to advance the understanding and protection of health and human rights in a theoretical, academic, practical, and ethical context.


The Third High-Level Consultation on HIV in Conservative Social Settings: "HIV, Human Rights and Sustainability: From Analysis to Action"
The Global Institute for Health and Human Rights, in collaboration with the International AIDS Society and the American University of Beirut, held its third high-level consultation on HIV in conservative social settings. The conference was funded by The OPEC Fund for International Development. The two-day conference was held from January 25 - 26. Topics included stigma reduction, effective legal and policy frameworks, health care access for migrants and refugees, delivering culturally sensitive and religion-based services, and using social and mass media to engage key populations in HIV prevention programs.

Conference Agenda

Participant Biographies

"Mohammad and the Matchmaker" Documentary Film Screening
The documentary "Mohammad and the Matchmaker" will be shown as part of the University at Albany's Sexuality Month. A discussion, facilitated by Dr. Kamiar Alaei of the GIHHR, will also be held. Thursday, February 8th, 1:30pm, Campus Center 375. The full Sexuality Month brochure can be found here.

Created by award winning producer Maziar Bahari, this film looks into the life of 47-year-old Mohammad who is looking for a serious relationship with a view to marriage who is living in Iran and also is HIV positive and follows the struggles he faces in his everyday life. Following the viewing of the film, a round table discussion will be led by Dr. Kamiar Alaei of the Global Institute for Health and Human Rights surrounding the stigma those who are HIV positive face, the differences in stigma in the U.S. and abroad, the challenges of being in a relationship and being HIV positive, and more.

Fall 2017 Newsletter
Read the Global Institute for Health and Human Right's fall 2017 newsletter here.

International Student-Student and Faculty-Faculty Collaborations on Public Health Projects

Dr. Kamiar Alaei and the Global Institute for Health and Human Rights, in collaboration with GIHHR co-founder Dr. Arash Alaei, are developing faculty-faculty and student-student collaborations internationally. Click here to read about about a project done in collaboration with a PhD candidate in Kazakhstan, for which the candidate received an award.

GIHHR graduate student researcher's presentation at American Society of Criminology Conference

Billy Zakrzewski, a graduate student researcher at the Global Institute for Health and Human Rights, presented at the American Society of Criminology (ASC) conference. Click here for more information and photos.