The peak in global oil production in this decade

The best estimates by those knowledgeable of the geology and production of oil, and independent of oil and gas producers, and governments, clearly indicate that global oil production will peak in this decade and decline at a significant rate beyond. This Guardian article by John Vidal gives a succinct explanation.
Rising demand and declining reserves are likely to be, in the absence of urgent and effective efforts to substitute other energy resources, a sure formula for a social and economic global disaster. Jeremy Leggett's recent book, "The Empty Tank" is highly recommended for a readable discussion of both hydrocarbon and all other plausible substitute energy sources, and the urgency of the issue.
This diagram shows the latest estimate of Colin Campbell, of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas
Click on the diagram or this link to see the original in the ASPO website.
Global oil production peak from Colin Campbell (ASPO)
More detailed background information can be found here: Hubbert Peak of Oil Production
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