Gene Targeting Services

The CFG provides services for gene targeting in mouse embryonic stem (ES) cells. The service is divided into two stages: electroporation/screening of ES cells to generate targeted clones and the injection of correctly targeted ES cells into mouse blastocysts.

Electroporation of Embryonic Stem Cells

This service includes electroporation of targeting construct DNA into ES cells, drug selection, picking 200-300 ES cell colonies, and screening colonies for the appropriate gene targeting event. Our standard ES cell lines are derived from 129Sv and 129Sv/C57Bl6 F1 hybrid backgrounds. In collaboration with the Molecular Biology Core Facility, we also offer design and production of gene targeting injection constructs. We have extensive experience with the Cre-lox and Flp-Frt recombinase systems for conditional gene targeting.

Academic Pricing

$7,500 per construct, includes electroporation, picking colonies, and screening.

$150 per clone for expansion of each positive clones.

Please, contact us about pricing for Non-Academic institutions

Blastocyst Injections

Correctly targeted ES cell clones are injected into C57Bl6 blastocysts. At least two chimeric mice per clone are produced.

Academic Pricing

$4,500 per clone for blastocyst injections. Reduced prices may be available if both ES cell electroporation and blastocyst injection services are utilized for the same experiment or multiple ES cell clones are injected. The customer is also responsible for paying shipping fees to receive the mice. Please contact us about Non-Academic pricing.

Please, contact us about pricing for Non-Academic institutions

Contact Information

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