Proteomics & Mass Spec: Sample Submission

The Facility is accessible to any academic investigators from any institution as well as clients from industry. Prior to sending samples, investigators are encouraged to contact the Facility to discuss the required analysis. This is necessary to insure that the most efficient and cost-effective analytical methods are employed.

Samples are normally analyzed in the order of their receipt, but special arrangements can be made for unstable samples. Gel sample can be sent in a regular mail after dehydration. You can download the protocol in Acrobat Reader format here.

A Proteomics Service Submission Form should accompany each set of samples. The information requested on this form should be filled out completely to assure that the analyses could be carried out properly. Missing information from the form will result in delays in the requested analyses.

You can download the submission form in the prefrred format from the links below
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CFG Fax number: (518) 591-7211

The Adobe Reader software can be downloaded from the Adobe web site

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Send the sample to:

Dr. Qishan Lin
Proteomics Laboratory, Room 342H
Center for Functional Genomics
One Discovery Drive
Rensselaer, NY 12144-3456

Contact Information

Core Director

Qishan Lin, Ph.D.

(518) 591-7214


Jinghua Zhu, M.S.

(518) 591-7220