Proteomics & Mass Spec: Services and Pricing

Please, contact us about pricing for Non-Academic institutions

Service Academic
SDS-PAGE $60/sample
2D Gel Electrophoresis $150/IPG strip
SyPro Ruby stain for 19x18 cm gel $20/gel
Imaging and analysis $40/gel
Enzymatic Digest $100/band
HRMS $85/sample
MW by LC/MS $100/sample
MW by MALDI $50/sample
Protein ID by LC-MS/MS $180/sample
Protein phosphopeptide ID $680/spot
MudPIT¹ protein profiling $100/step
ITRAQ² protein profiling 4 plex $4,000 (> 25 fractions)
8 plex $5,000 (> 25 fractions)
De novo sequencing $80/peptide/hr
HPLC (Agilent) $35/hr or $85/day
FPLC (Amersham) $35/hr or $85/day

1. MudPIT, Multi-dimensional Protein Identification Technology. Note that this is protein identification from mixtures in solution we have developed. The tandem columns (2D-LC) are consisted of a strong cation exchange column and C18 column. At least ten salt elution steps are used to displace the peptides from the cation exchange column to the C18 column for MS/MS analysis. The total cost for protein identification from mixtures is approximately $2,000 plus sample processing, namely, protein concentration, alkylation and digestion.

2. ITRAQ, Isobaric Tags for Relative and Absolute Quantitation

Prices are subject to change without notice. For current prices for basic or customized services not listed, please contact Dr. Qishan Lin, Director of the Proteomics Core Facility.

Contact Information

Core Director

Qishan Lin, Ph.D.

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Jinghua Zhu, M.S.

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