University Employees

University at Albany Employees

The University at Albany employs over 3,400 employees paid through the New York State payroll. The employees are members of eight (8) different unions, whose employment relationship with New York State is governed by a collective bargaining agreement or the employees are management confidential employees, not represented by a negotiating unit. The Employee Relations Office of the Human Resources Management is the office at the University responsible for administering and ensuring adherence to the provisions of the applicable collective bargaining agreements.

Attached is the SUNY Policy on State Collective Bargaining Agreements, which includes a description of the various Bargaining Agreements.

Attached also are state-mandated policies regarding workplace violence and domestic violence in the workplace, which continue to be highly profiled with reporting requirements to SUNY System Administration and the Governor’s Office of Employee Relations (“GOER”). University policies drug and alcohol use in the workplace, and smoking on Campus, are also attached. Of note, at its June 2012 Board Meeting, the SUNY Board of Trustees passed a resolution approving a tobacco-free policy that bans tobacco use on all 64 state campuses by January 1, 2014; a state law is needed to enforce this ban.

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