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Art History Major

The Art History Major is an interdisciplinary major in the Art Department, and draws upon resources throughout the College of Arts and Sciences. Art History majors study a wide range of historical periods, cultures, themes and media, and develop skills for critically evaluating and writing about works of art within their historical and cultural contexts. Students may take such diverse courses as Egyptian Archaeology, Women in Art, Chinese Painting and Significant Cinema Directors.


Class sizes in upper-level Art History courses range from lecture courses of thirty to fifty students, to advanced research seminars of a dozen students. All of the upper-level Art History courses provide ample opportunity for one-on-one contact between student and professor. Advising in the Art History major is individualized and includes career planning and preparation for applying to graduate schools.

Honors Program

The Honors program in Art History is designed to give students the opportunity to pursue advanced-level research in Art History through coursework, independent study, and/or internships with area museums. All honors students take a wide variety of courses in each of the main areas of Art History offered at the University at Albany, and all students pursue nine credits of special Honors-level work including at least one research seminar. Honors students in Art History also present their work in progress as an informal lecture or power-point presentation mid-way through their last semester.

Requirements for the Art History Major:

  • 36 credits: 9 credits in core courses, including two introductory surveys and an advanced research seminar
  • 9 credits in Lower Division Electives (200-level)
  • 18 credits in Upper Division Electives (300-level and above)

Art History Advisement

Art History majors meet initially with program director Sarah Cohen. Course registration advisement is provided by all Art History faculty in the Art Department.

For more information concerning the major and courses offered please contact:

Professor Sarah Cohen
Department of Art
Fine Arts 218


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