ARH 380 Poetry and Cinema

What is the relationship between the visual and the verbal on-screen and on the page? How have film and poetry influenced and responded to one another over time and in the context of their respective literary and cinematic traditions? What new transformations, enunciations, or visualizations become possible within the subgenre of poetic cinema? The aim of this course is to outline some of the possibilities of lyrical cinema within experimental, animation, documentary, and narrative film, and to point toward the similarities of rhythm, structure, and image that poetry and cinema share. These visual and verbal expressions participate in an interdisciplinary art practice that honors and expands the written word in unconventional and provocative ways. Films, filmmakers, and poets will be studied alongside one another for an in-depth examination of these discourses and their interactions over time via the audio-visual medium of cinema. A significant amount of time will be spent on reading and discussing the original poems.

Contact: Dr. Shira Segal, Director of Film Studies Minor