Graduate Studies in Art

The MA and MFA Graduate Programs in Art at the University at Albany provide a supportive and critical community in which students may expand their aesthetic concepts, develop strategies for expressing those concepts, and create a pertinent and personal artistic practice.

In this intense and intellectually curious environment, artists of promise can develop their visual art practice within a community of peers that are engaged in intensive discourse and production of challenging new work. Our program offers students many opportunities to expand the depth and complexity of their studio practice as well as their ability to think critically within the context of contemporary art.

While at the University at Albany graduate art students are routinely exposed to many aesthetic and conceptual positions. Regular studio visits with peers, faculty and visiting artists help to offer critical insight into the form of, and underlying ideas behind, their work. Contemporary art-related topics and issues are explored in seminars that complement studio courses and critiques.

Our MA and MFA programs provide an environment in which a student may intensively pursue an independent and/or collaborative art practice, as well as explore pertinent art historical and other academic interests.

Students are encouraged to examine rigorously their philosophical and cultural preconceptions so that they can experiment not only with their artistic expression but also the relationship their art has to the larger world.