University at Albany

The Boor Sculpture Studio

The Boor Sculpture Studio, occupied in 2002, is well equipped, houses fourteen graduate students with studio spaces and provides undergraduate students with classes in both traditional and emerging media. The design and flexibility of the building facilitates students' ability to create using a variety of techniques and processes, including film, video, sculpture, and digital processing.

Among the features built into this new facility are: an in-ground furnace and overhead rail for classic investment casting; a high-bay welding and metal fabrication shop with forge; a wood/pattern shop; electric and gas-fired kilns; a figure modeling room; plaster/mold making facilities; a wax working room; plastics/paint spray booth; sand blast booth; and a digital media suite; and an enclosed outdoor work area. Fume hoods, slotted vents and dust collection systems are integrated throughout the building.

The General Purpose space, with digital projection equipment is used for temporary installations, photographing work, Visiting Artist presentations, and group critiques. Private studio spaces are accessible to graduate sculptors 24 hours a day.