AARH 362 Significant Cinema Directors: Wes Anderson and His Influences

This course offers an in-depth look at the work and influences of contemporary independent filmmaker Wes Anderson, and situates our study of this popular director in the context of auteur theory, film and art history, and cultural studies. In particular, we will closely examine his films and their intertextual and cultural reference points alongside an ongoing discussion of changing discourses surrounding authorship studies, aesthetics, technology, and identity in the movies. On the one hand, we aim to understand Anderson as a prominent figure that operates both within and beyond the parameters of the director-as-auteur trope, as he is both collaborative and “visionary.” On the other hand, students learn to deconstruct these tropes and traditions in order to create new narratives surrounding authorship and art in cinema that take into account issues of privilege, power, representation, and sexuality alongside narrative and genre studies. Thus, we approach Anderson as a complex figure worth celebrating and deconstructing, and will analyze his work with generosity and awareness of these issues. Prerequisite AARH 260 Introduction to Cinema

Contact: Dr. Shira Segal, Director of Film Studies Minor