AARH 260 Introduction to Film Studies

This course offers an introduction to the study of film as a mode of entertainment and as an art form. You will learn the basic language of film analysis in order to analyze and interpret the movies as they are technologically, industrially, artistically, and culturally situated. The aim of this course is to increase your visual literacy and critical thinking skills, and to examine film as an audio-visual medium and artistic product that can operate both narratively and non-narratively. To do so, we will examine the formal characteristics of film language and how the semiotics of cinema function alongside the cultural and historical contexts of film production and reception in order to convey meaning. As the foundational course for the Film Studies Minor, this introductory course provides an important framework for further in-depth analysis of film in relation to film history, the arts, and other disciplines, and as such fulfills the General Education: Arts requirement.

Combine a Film Studies minor with any major at the University!
Film Studies offers a vibrant exploration of cinema as an art form.

Learn more about film history, theory, criticism, and practice.

Contact: Dr. Shira Segal, Director of Film Studies Minor