ARH 460/464/564 Special Topics in Cinema: Advanced Analysis of Film Form, Story, Style

This advanced film studies seminar on the artistry of film form, story, and style aims to provide students with the advanced analytical skills and increased visual literacy to identify film language at work (textual analysis), film as a cultural artifact (contextual analysis), and film in relation to other art forms (intertextual analysis). Our study of cinema includes its stories, characters, settings, and narrative devices as well as its non-narrative, experimental, or expressive possibilities. To do so, the course situates trends in contemporary cinema and its current sensibilities and styles in the context of film history, auteur theory, genre and reception studies, and technological advancements as they effect the filmmaking industry, aesthetics, and audience expectations. As critical thinkers, cinephiles, students, and scholars of cinema, we’ll grapple with what film can be as an art form, mode of narrative storytelling, and/or expression, and how to further understand it.

Contact: Dr. Shira Segal, Director of Film Studies Minor