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Important Items:

Transfer Undergraduates

Financial Aid will only process federal financial aid for students admitted into a degree program.  In order to be considered for assistance administered by the University, all information required by the appropriate admissions office should be submitted on a timely basis.

Step-by-Step Process

Details and helpful links for each step are provided below.

1.) Complete / Change the FAFSA by December 1st.
2.) File the TAP Application
3.) Monitor MyUAlbany Important Items
4.) Submitting Documentation to the Office of Financial Aid
5.) Accept Award Offers Through MyUAlbany

1.) Complete / Change the FAFSA by December 1st.
  • Complete the FAFSA on-line at: www.fafsa.ed.gov.
  • Include the UAlbany Federal School Code 002835 in the FAFSA school code section.

Students who change academic status from undergraduate to graduate need to correct two items on the FAFSA:

  • Answer "Yes" to "Grad Student"
  • Answer "Yes" to "Received First Bachelor Degree".
2.) TAP School Code Change

Students who received TAP prior to admission to UAlbany will need to change their TAP school code to 0895 for the UAlbany entry term and year. 

Page: "My HESC Account Access"

Menu Option: "Change TAP College Code/Address"

3.) Monitor MyUAlbany Important Items

As a result of UAlbany receiving and processing the FAFSA, items may appear on the MyUAlbany Important Items List.  Important Items are required to be completed before financial aid processing can continue.

The Financial Aid Office will send notifications via student email until the item is complete.  The email notice directs students to review and respond to the Important Items List on MyUAlbany.

Important Items can be documentation requests, problems with your FAFSA that need to be fixed, processes that need to be completed by the student or processes that need to be completed by the parent.

Important Items can appear at any point during the aid processing cycle.  Items most commonly appear on the Important Items List after the FAFSA is filed and after students accept their Financial Aid Award. 

When an item is listed on the Important Item list, the item can be clicked on for more detailed information.

Completed items will be removed from your Important Item list within 2-5 days after you actively respond with the required action or documentation.   Unresolved Important Items will prevent the following:

  • processing of a financial aid award
  • financial aid awards applying to your account as "anticipated aid"
  • refund processing
  • 4.) Submitting Documentation to the Office of Financial Aid
    Requested documents should be submitted to the Office of Financial Aid in one of the following ways:
    By Mail: By Fax: In Person:
    Student Financial Center (518) 442-5295 Student Financial Center
    Campus Center G-26
    1400 Washington Ave
    Albany, NY 12222

    The student's nine digit Albany ID should appear on each page submitted.

    Please Note: Students and parents are advised not to send documents with private information such as tax data, social security numbers, or citizenship verification via email.

    5.) Accept Award Through MyUAlbany
    After sending the admission deposit, students are assigned a UAlbany pin number.  As students are assigned pin numbers, Financial Aid mails written instructions on how to use the pin to login to MyUAlbany.

    Once logged into MyUAlbany, students are able to navigate to the Financial Aid page to accept, reduce, or decline their financial aid award offers.

    For information on how to accept awards, please visit the Accepting Awards page of the Financial Aid website.