Middle States Report

Prepared after study of the institution's Self-Study Report, 1990-2000: A Decade of Progress, January, 2000, and a visit to the campus, March 26-29, 2000. The members of the Team:

Working with the Team:

This report represents the views of the evaluation team as interpreted by the Chair; it goes directly to the institution before being considered by the Commission. It is a confidential document prepared as an educational service for the benefit of the institution. All comments in the report are made in good faith, in an effort to assist the University at Albany. This report is based solely on an educational evaluation of the institution, and of the manner in which it appears to be carrying out its educational objectives.

At the Time of the Visit

Date when instruction began: 1844 (formerly the New York State Normal School)
President: Karen R.Hitchcock
Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs: Judith L. Genshaft
Chair of the Board of Trustees: Thomas Egan

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