Middle States Report

Catalogs, Publications, & Promotional Materials

Current publications are described as "comprehensive." Policies and procedures are clearly stated. Middle States criteria for catalog content are addressed.

The University recognizes the strategic importance of this area and is making a concerted effort to enhance publications and promotional materials to reflect the institution's many strengths and positive developments. It has formed a University-wide marketing committee to focus on this task. Data from student focus groups and student surveys are being used to shape the revision of admissions publications. Subcommittees are working to enhance the University website, and to create a logo and style manual. It has been recognized that the catalog and other publications do not convey the world-class image the institution desires, and staff are already working to make changes in the viewbook and to develop other publications more in keeping with the University's high standards.

The Vice President for Advancement and the advancement staff are working to communicate consistently three messages: the University's academic and research strength, its emphasis on student centeredness, and the institution's economic impact. Several current publications reflect these important themes, including an economic impact brochure, the alumni magazine, and the faculty-staff newspaper.

The Team believes it would be helpful to hasten the pace of the plans to enhance the quality of publications, and to expand the breadth of market research.

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