Middle States Report


Financial Resources

In the past 10 years, the University at Albany has greatly strengthened its financial condition. Its financial resources are sufficient to assure the quality and continuity of its programs and services. It has augmented and enhanced its physical facilities. It has attracted and retained outstanding faculty and graduate students, and it has strengthened its research and graduate programs, particularly in areas that have contributed to enhancing its national stature as a center of excellence. The University at Albany Foundation has emerged as a central force in strengthening the University's financial condition by creating new sources of revenues. These successes appear to be attributable to superb leadership, together with effective systematic comprehensive planning in all aspects of the University.

The University is to be commended also for revising its method of resource allocations and for successfully integrating it into its strategic planning efforts. The Resource Allocation Methodology (RAM) was developed by SUNY System Administration in the mid 1990s. This process was subsequently renamed the Budget Allocation Process (BAP). The University Resources and Priorities Committee was established in the late l990s to advise the President on budget allocations toward ensuring that resources, both financial and human, are consistent with the priorities articulated in the strategic plan. The Team was pleased to note that the University recognizes the need to accelerate the development of a budgeting process that will provide the necessary management tools for operating in an all-funds environment. Progress has been made in the budget-reporting system to enable full integration of all funding sources into the campus financial planning process.

The Team commends the administration's efforts in redesigning the schedule for the budget-making process to ensure that the process is consistent with University priorities.

The University is well served by dedicated, competent professionals in the business and finance area as well as in facilities management. The Team was impressed by the obvious devotion of the administrators and staff to the mission of the University. They truly enjoy being part of "the team" at the University at Albany. They seem to love their work and are inspired by the leadership.

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