Judgment and Decision Making Links
  • Decision Science News is a well designed and well-edited blog edited by Dan Goldstein
  • The WISE Project's Signal Detection Theory Tutorial. This is a short, but very useful tutorial. It includes an excellent JAVA applet that nicely demonstrates the criterion (or cutoff, or threshold), d', and how they affect the ROC curve.
  • Personal Decision Making, a web site by Professor Barry Anderson, Portland State University. It includes the full text of his book The Three Secrets of Wise Decision Making, an excellent introduction to principles of personal decision making.
  • Going through the goop: An introduction to decision making (1989) a short book for high-school/middle-school kids by Jonathan Baron, Katherine Laskey, Rex V. Brown
  • Forecasting Principles. The Forecasting Principles site seeks to summarize all useful knowledge about forecasting so that it can be used by researchers, practitioners, and educators. This knowledge is provided as principles (guidelines, prescription, rules, conditions, action statements, or advice about what to do in given situations). This site is designed to be used in conjunction with the Principles of Forecasting book which contains a section on judgmental forecasting.
  • Brunswik Society. Contains information on Brunswikian psychology and Social Judgment Theory
  • Course syllabi for JDM courses
  • Annenberg/CPB Project Exhibits Collection includes interactive learning exhibits on statistics and math in daily life
  • Target Risk by Gerald J.S. Wilde is the complete text of a book "Dealing with the danger of death, disease and damage in everyday decisions."  He proposes the theory of risk homeostasis: "the degree of risk-taking behaviour and the magnitude of loss due to accidents and lifestyle-dependent disease are maintained over time, unless there is a change in the target level of risk."

Software for supporting judgment and decision making
  • Web-HIPRE is a web-version of the HIPRE 3+ software for decision analytic problem structuring, multicriteria evaluation and prioritization. "This software runs both MAVT and AHP models and you can combine them as you like.The greatest benefit from the web is that a group can work through the web and that you can create a homepage for the  problem and describe the alternatives and impacts by the web." 
  • A small, but clever, MAUT calculator from Requires JAVA
  • Links to vendors of decision analysis software, from the Decision Analysis Society site.

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