ETAP 655L: Perspectives on Teaching Composition in the Secondary School
Spring, 2008

Weekly Course Schedule









{Note: Reading assignments for each week are listed by author's last name. ERES refers to electronic reserve; Z&D refers to Zemelman and Daniels, A Community of Writers. Refer to the list of course readings for more information about accessing ERES and for full bibliographic information.}

Week 1
January 29
Introduction to Course: Three Questions
Why Teach Writing?
Week 2
February 5
What is Writing?
Draft of first writing assignment due
Individual conferences
Readings: Applebee & Langer; National Commission, "The Neglected 'R'", also available on ERES; Baca, "Becoming a Poet"; Grosskopf, "Writing Myself Awake" (all on ERES); Yagelski, chapter 1.
Week 3
February 12

Managing the Writing Process
Readings: Murray, "Teach Process"; Haddox, "Rainbow Teachers"; Toussant, "Hey, Matt!" (all on ERES); Z&D, chapters 1-2, 10, 12-15.

Week 4
February 19

No Class (holiday)

Week 5
February 26

Theorizing Writing and Writing Instruction
Revised version of first writing assignment due (Friday, Feb. 16)
Readings: Applebee (available at or ERES); Nystrand, "Writing as Verb"; Lunsford & Glenn, "Rhetorical Theory"; Maltese, "Out of the Narrow Tunnel" (all on ERES).

Week 6
March 4

Writing as a Social Activity
Proposal for second writing assignment (English Journal article) due
First roundtables
Readings: Finders, "Entering Adolescence"; Freire, "Banking Concept"; hooks, "Talking Back" (all on ERES); Yagelski, chapters 1-2; Z&D, pp. 47-51.

Week 7
March 11

Issues of Difference in Writing and Teaching
Second roundtables
Readings: Delpit, "Skills"; Lu, "Silence"; Jordan, "Nobody" (all on ERES).

Week 8
March 18

Grammar, Style, and Convention
Mid-term self-evaluations due
Third roundtables
Readings: Hartwell, "Grammar"; Ohmann, "Use Definite"; Christensen, "Politics"; Burke, "Textual Intelligence" (all on ERES); NCTE Guidelines for Teaching Grammar (

Week 9
March 25


Week 10
April 1

Writing Assessment
Draft of English Journal article due
Fourth roundtables
Readings: Anderson & Speck, "Responding to the Dilemma of Grading"; Elbow, "Ranking, Evaluating, and Liking: Three Judgments" (both on ERES); Z&D, chapter 17.

Week 11
April 8

Responding to Student Writing; Revision
Fifth roundtables
Readings: Sperling & Freedman, "Good Girl"; Lindemann, "Responding"; Koch, "Where Writing begins"; Murray, "Listening Eye" (all on ERES); Z&D, chapter 16; Yagelski, chapters 3-4.

Week 12
April 15

Writing Technologies, Writing as Technology
Note: Class meets this week in a technology classroom (Humanities Building, room 32)
Readings: Johnson, "How the Computer"; Kress "English at Crossroads" (both on ERES); Yagelski, chapter 5.

Week 13
April 22

Reconsidering the Purposes of Writing Instruction
Revised version of English Journal article due
sixth roundtables
Readings: Gill, "Giving Peace a Chance"; Santone, "Educating for Sustainability"; Owens, "Sustainable Composition" (all on ERES); Z&D, chapters 3-7, 9.

Week 14
April 29

Looking Ahead
draft of unit plan due
Readings: NY State ELA Standards (ERES); Graham & Perrin, Writing Next (available at or on ERES); Yagelski, chapter 6 & postscript.

Week 15
May 6

Work on unit plans

Friday, May 9

unit plan due