ETAP 655L: Perspectives on Teaching Composition in the Secondary School
Spring, 2008
Course Requirements









In this course you will be asked to

  1. attend class meetings and participate in classroom activities and discussions;

  2. read the assigned texts by the appropriate dates;

  3. participate in a writing group and a roundtable group;

  4. participate in online discussions about course-related issues;

  5. complete two main writing assignments:

    • a free choice writing

    • an article on a question or problem in teaching writing

  6. write a critical response to an assigned reading and lead a roundtable discussion of that reading;

  7. complete a mid-term self-evaluation;

  8. and complete a unit plan.

Click the links for more detailed guidelines for each of these assignments.

This course will be both a writing workshop and a workshop on teaching writing. Accordingly, you will be asked to do a good deal of writing and engage in a variety of in-class activities related to the course assignments. Your learning in this course will emerge as much from these in-class activities as from the formal assignments themselves. In effect, each assignment functions as both a writing assignment and a vehicle for exploring writing pedagogy.

As you read through the descriptions of each of the main assignments listed above, please note that some of these assignments will not be graded individually. Read the guidelines for each assignment for more information about grading.

Also note that all writing assignments should be submitted in electronic form as attachments to an email message or to messages posted to the course BLS fourm; it is also acceptable to submit assignments on a CD or floppy disk or as a web page.