ETAP 655L: Perspectives on Teaching Composition in the Secondary School
Spring, 2008
Course Goals









The primary goals of this course are as follows:

  1. To introduce you to major issues related to the teaching of writing that have emerged in recent decades among teachers and scholars.

  2. To encourage you to think of yourself and your students as writers.

  3. To provide you with a basic understanding of contemporary theoretical perspectives on writing instruction.

  4. To examine the connections between writing and various kinds of difference (social, ethnic, racial, gender, cultural, etc.).

  5. To foster a critical and self-reflective approach to teaching writing.

  6. To enable you to construct a workable and theoretically sound approach to the teaching of writing in secondary school classrooms.

  7. To promote inquiry into writing as a technology and into the emerging technological media for writing.

    To encourage you to develop ways of incorporating technologies into your writing pedagogy.

  8. To provide you with an understanding of the complexities of teaching and assessing writing, with special reference to the New York State English Language Arts Standards and the New York State Regents Exams.

  9. To encourage you to examine the relationship between teaching writing and other aspects of your students' academic lives and their lives outside school.