ETAP 512: Teachers in Context
Fall, 2009
Course Policies












All students should be familiar with the course policies discussed on this page.


It should be obvious that attendance in a course such as this is essential. There is simply no way to reproduce in-class activities and discussions, which are central to the learning you will do in this course. Equally as important is the community we create in this course, which requires everyone's participation. The course attendance policy takes these issues into account. Accordingly, if you miss more than one class during the semester without prior approval, your grade may be adversely affected. Missing more than two classes may result in a failing grade.

Tolerance and Academic Dishonesty

The nature of this course is such that we will address many complex and sometimes controversial issues. To do so in a productive way requires that we treat one another with respect and cultivate an atmosphere of tolerance, even in the face of divergent views and disagreement. Consequently, you will be expected to conduct yourself in accordance with this University's principles for a just community (see

Plagiarism is unequivocally unacceptable. Please familiarize yourself with the University policies on plagiarism, which are available on the University's website at tree-tops/docs/grad/requirements_general_admissions.html#standards_integrity. If you are caught plagiarizing, you may fail the course and be subject to University disciplinary procedures. If you have any questions about whether you may be violating university codes governing academic integrity, please consult with your instructors.


Reasonable accommodations will be provided for students with documented physical, sensory, systemic, cognitive, learning and psychiatric disabilities.  If you believe you have a disability requiring accommodation in this class, please notify the Director of Disabled Student Services (Campus Center 137, 442-5490).  That office will provide the course instructor with verification of your disability, and will recommend appropriate accommodations.

Additional Course Policies

  1. Incompletes will be considered as a grade for this course only in the event of unusual circumstances, such as serious illness or a family crisis.

  2. Chronic lateness is unacceptable and is considered a violation of the spirit of a tolerant and respectful classroom community. Please make arrangements to be in class on time.

  3. Please turn off cell phones during class meetings. Use of laptop computers to take notes during class is acceptable, but please refrain from using your laptop (or cell phone) to browse the web, send text messages, etc. during class.

If you have any questions, problems, or concerns about the course during the semester, please see the instructor so that your concerns can be addressed.