ETAP 512: Teachers in Context
Fall, 2009
Guidelines for the Interim Report
Final Group Project: The Contexts of Teaching












This page contains guildeines for the interim reports that all final project groups will submit on October 29th. (See the guidelines for the final group project for more information about deadlines and other requirements for this assignment.)

Much of the class meeting on October 29th will be devoted to work on the final project. Project groups will convene and each group will meet briefly with the course instructors.

Your group should come to class on the October 29th prepared to

  1. present an oral update to your instructors on the general progress of your group's work on the final project;

  2. present a written report of your group's investigation into its scenario, including the following:

    • a preliminary analysis of the role of various contextual factors on the situation described in your group's scenario

    • a description of the main components of the presentation your group will make at the end of the semester

    • a list of sources you have consulted up to that point;

  3. describe the remaining work your group will do before the final project deadline.

Each of these components of the interim report is described below.

Please note that the interim report, although it will not be graded individually, is a required part of the Final Group Project.

Oral Update. Be prepared to describe the work your group has done so far. Explain the specific tasks you have completed, how your group has divided up responsibilities for its work, and the current state of the final project, including the group presentation. Also discuss any difficulties or problems your group is encountering. In effect, present an oral overview of the written report described below. In addition, describe the remaining work your group expects to do before the assignment deadline. This oral update should take no more than ten minutes.

Written Interim Report. Your group's written interim report, which will be submitted on October 1st, should include the following:

  • A brief preliminary analysis of the influence of various contextual factors that seem to play a role in the scenario your group has been assigned. This preliminary analysis should include the main points you will likely include in your group's final report. In this analysis, you should show evidence that your group has examined the complexities of its scenario and considered the main questions or issues raised by the scenario.

  • An indication of how your group plans to address the problem posed in its scenario. For example, if your group has been asked to make a recommendation to the school board, your interim report should discuss what recommendation your group is likely to make and why.

  • A brief description (approximately one or two paragraphs in length) of the presentation your group is planning. This description should indicate the general approach your group will take in your presentation and the main components you plan to include in the presentation.

  • A brief discussion of any problems your group is encountering in your its work.

  • A list of sources your group has consulted so far. This list should reflect the extent of your investigation and should include approximately 10 relevant sources (publications or appropriate websites).

Additional Guidelines.

  • Your group's written interim report should be approximately 750-800 words in length.

  • Please submit your written interim report by posting it to your project group's forum on Blackboard.

  • Written interim reports should be posted to Blackboard by Wednesday, October 28th.

  • Please follow either APA or MLA format for your list of sources.