Week-by-Week Outline for English 725

Spring Semester, 1998

NOTE: For more specific bibliographic information about the readings referred to below, consult the bibliography in the course packet or see Readings.

January 26

Introduction to course
Framing the Issues: Reading, Writing, and Technology
Readings: Kaplan, "E-Literacies"
February 2

What is "The Late Age of Print" anyway?
Readings: Bolter, Writing Space
February 9

Writing as a (Subversive) Technology
Introductory MOO session with Jeff Galin's class at CSUSB
Readings: Plato, Phaedrus; Boone
February 16

No Class (Presidents Day)
February 23 Writing Redefined: What is Hypermedia anyway?
MOO session with Jeff Galin's class at CSUSB
Readings: Bolter, revisited; Grusin; Joyce;
Moulthrop, "The Shadow of an Informand: An Experiment in Hypertext Rhetoric"
March 2 Writing, Cognition, and Culture
Readings: McLuhan, The Gutenberg Galaxy
March 9 The Printing Press and Other Agents of Change
Readings: Eisenstein (both), Barlow
March 16 No Class (spring break)
March 23 Reading, Literature, and the Printing Press
Readings: Kernan, Samuel Johnson and the Impact of Print
March 30 English Studies Redefined?
Short Paper due
Readings: Lanham, The Electronic Word; Landow
April 6 Technologies, Literacies, and Cyber-Politics
Proposal for Course Project due
Readings: Ohmann; Harraway, A Cyborg Manifesto;
Thompson, "Speaking of the MOOn: Textual Realities and the Body Electric"
April 13 Hypermedia Revisited
Readings: Taylor and Saarinen, Imagologies; Kolb, Socrates in the Labyrinth
April 20 Technological "Progress" Reconsidered
Readings: Tuman, Word Perfect;
Brent, "Rhetorics of the Web
April 27 Literacy, Technology, and Pedagogy
Readings: Apple; Kaplan; Hawisher and Selfe
May 4 Presentations on Course Projects
May 6 Course Projects due

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