Nuts and Bolts (sic) for English 725

Course Requirements

In this course you will be asked to

Because this course will be exploratory in a variety of ways, as I noted above, a lot will depend upon your participation in these various activities and assignments. Accordingly, these requirements are more about participation in the collective work of the class than about the production of individual texts.


Grading for the course will break down as follows:

Commentaries 20%
Online Discussion 15%
Group Presentation 15%
Short Paper 20%
Course Project 30%

Standard Disclaimers

  1. It should be obvious that attendance in a course such as this is essential. If you miss more than one class during the semester without prior approval, your grade may be adversely affected. Missing more than two classes may result in a failing grade.

  2. Plagiarism is unequivocally unacceptable. Please familiarize yourself with the University policies on plagirarism. If you plagiarize in this course, you may fail the course and be subject to University disciplinary procedures.

  3. If you have any problems or concerns about the course during the semester, please see me so that we can talk about them.

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