English 522:
Rhetorical Theory in Historical Perspective

Week-by-Week Outline

Spring Semester, 1999

NOTE: RT refers to The Rhetorical Tradition, edited by Bizzell and Herzberg; CRMD refers to Essays in Classical Rhetoric and Modern Discourse, edited by Connors, Lunsford, and Ede. For more specific bibliographic information about the readings referred to below, consult the bibliography in the course packet or see Readings.

January 27

Introduction to course
Framing the Issues: What is Rhetoric? Who Cares?
Readings: Introduction to The Rhetorical Tradition (pp. 1-36); Connors, Lunsford, & Ede, "Revival of Rhetoric" (CRMD, 1-15)
February 3

Classical Rhetoric: Rhetoric and/vs. Philosophy
Readings: Aristotle, Rhetoric (RT, 151-194); Plato, Phaedrus (RT, 113-143)
February 10

Rhetoric and Philosophy: Aristotle and Plato, continued
First commentaries due
Readings: Weaver, Phaedrus and the Nature of Rhetoric" (RT, 1054-1065); Golden, "Plato Revisited" (CRMD, 16-36); Stewart, "Continuing Relevance of Plato's Phaedrus (CRMD, 115-126); LeFevre, "Platonic View of Rhetorical Invention" and "Invention as a Social Act" (course packet)
February 17

Rhetoric and Philosophy, continued
Readings: Neel, Plato, Derrida, and Writing; Derrida, Signature Event Context (RT, 1168-1177)
February 24 Rhetoric and Society
Readings: Cicero, Of Oratory (RT, 200-250); Quintillian, Institutes of Oratory (RT, 297-364); Halloran, "Rhetoric in the American College Curriculum" (course packet)
March 3 No Class: Spring Break
March 10 Epistemologies: Classical Rhetoric Revisited
Readings: Gorgias, Encomium (RT, 40-42); Isocrates, Against the Sophists and Antidosis (RT, 46-54); Jarratt, Rereading the Sophists
March 17 Epistemologies and Ethos
Readings: Campbell Philosophy of Rhetoric (RT, 749-795), Yoos (CRMD, 82-97), Johnson (CRMD, 98-114)
March 24 Note: Class rescheduled for this week.
Epistemologies, cont'd
Short Paper due
Readings: Bakhtin, Marxism and Philosophy of Language (RT, 928-943); Foucault, Archaeology and Order of Discourse (RT, 1130-1164); Herzberg, "Foucault's Rhetorical Theory" (course packet)
March 31 No Class: Easter/Passover Break
April 7 Audience, Identity, and Subjectivity
Proposals for final project due
Readings: Porter, Audience and Rhetoric; Burke, Rhetoric of Motives and Language as Symbolic Action (RT, 1018-1041)
April 14 Rhetoric, Language, and Culture
Readings: Abbott, "Ancient Word" (course packet); Gates, "Signifying Monkey (RT, 1193-1223); Yagelski, "Tecumseh" (course packet)
April 21 Technologies
Readings: Gurak, Persuasion and Privacy in Cyberspace; Lanham, "Digital Rhetoric" (course packet)
April 28 Pedagogies
Readings: "Rhetoric of Composition" (RT, 859-884); Knoblauch, "Modern Composition" (course packet); Fleming, "Rhetoric as a Course of Study" (course packet)
May 5 Pedagogies, continued
Readings: Lanham, "Q Question" (course packet); (Crowley, Corbett, Lindemann)
May 12 Course Projects due

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