English 522:
Rhetorical Theory in Historical Perspective

In Memoriam:
Edward P. J. Corbett, 1919-1998

Professor Edward P. J. Corbett was well-known to teachers and students of rhetoric as one of a group of insightful and dedicated scholars who helped spark a revival in the interest and study of classical rhetoric in the 1960s and 1970s. To those who were fortunate enough to have studied rhetoric at the Ohio State University, where Professor Corbett helped establish a prominent graduate program in rhetoric and composition, he was a mentor and teacher of great learning, good humor, and disarming humility. I had the good fortune to be among the students who enrolled in the very last graduate course on the history of rhetoric that Professor Corbett taught at Ohio State in the winter of 1989. Like so many other students, I benefited from his knowledge and commitment to the study of rhetoric and the improvement of teaching. And like his other students, I also owe him a great debt for his support for me as a student, a teacher, and, later, as a scholar.

I dedicate this course to the memory of Professor Corbett, whose mark on the course and its instructor is deep.

Robert P. Yagelski

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