English 521:
Composition Theory and Pedagogy

Student Writings

Fall, 1999

This page contains links to some of the writing students in this course have done as part of the work for the course.

Short Essay

The short essay assignment, which is a kind of literacy autobiography, was submitted on September 30, 1999.

Katie Beveridge, No Title

Allison Craig, "Reflection from the Funhouse"

Cariann Colman, Personal Literacy Narrative

Donna Dawson, "Writing In My Educational Career"

Jim Eaton, no title

Patrick Finley, short essay

Kristin Fullerton, "Voices"

Jeff Gibson, "Dialogue: An Excerpt of My Literacy"

James Gormley, No Title

Steve Hartman, "The Politics, Idiosyncrasies and Superstitions that Lie behind my Writing(s)"

Stephanie Hassan, No Title

Gregg Kiehl, No Title

Linda Maddox, "My Experience as a Writer"

Dave Nentwick, "Either, Or, and (maybe) Neither"

Scott O'Callaghan, "Portrait of the Graduate Student in the Early Elementary Years: a documentary collage"

Karen Rowan, "Fairy Tales: Reading, Writing, Teaching"

Joseph Schaefer, "A Path to Discovery: One Writer's Self-Analysis of Writing Process"

Michael Virtanen, No Title

Rachel Zitomer, "A House From Words: One Writer's Process"

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