English 303Z
Fall, 1997
Instructor: Robert Yagelski

Guidelines for Responding to Inquiry Project Drafts

Like previous assignments in this course, the Inquiry Project requires that you share drafts of your project with classmates who are members of your response group. For this project, receiving and considering feedback from your response group members as you revise is crucial. Since this project is relatively open-ended, compared to previous assignments for the course, it's important for you to try to determine how effective the content, form, and structure of your project are for your readers. Your response group members will help you do so. And as a members of that group, you will serve the same important function as areader of your group members' drafts.

Below are some guidelines for you to follow as you read and respond to the Inquiry Project drafts written by your response group members. Keep these guidelines in mind as you read your group members's drafts. Also, address each point in these guidelines in your written critique of your group members' drafts. (Remember to keep copies of your critiques for your portfolio.)

Here are the key issues you should address as you read your response group members' Inquiry Project drafts and write your critiques of those drafts:

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