English 303Z
Fall, 1997
Instructor: Robert Yagelski

Grading Policies for English 303Z

Grading for this course will be based largely on a course portfolio that you will submit at the end of the semester. It's important to note, however, that the portfolio requirements will influence what you do throughout the semester, so you should familiarize yourself with those requirements at the beginning of the semester. In addition, your grade for the course will include several other assignments that will be completed throughout the semester and may not be part of the portfolio. Your grade in this course, then, will break down as follows:

Commentaries 15%
Group Presentation 10%
Inquiry Project 25%
Final Portfolio 50%

In addition, attendance and participation will affect your grade. In a basic sense, participation is unavoidable, given the nature of the class. But if I sense that you have not pulled your weight in your group or have put in something less than an honest effort, I'll adjust your grade accordingly.

As for attendance, if you miss more than three classes during the semester, I reserve the right to lower your final grade by one letter; in addition, I will lower your grade by one letter for each additional absence. In effect, then, you have three unexcused, unexplained absences. Use them wisely (to prepare for exams, recover from hangovers, etc.), and be sure to see me beforehand if you know you have to miss class for a legitimate reason. A fourth absence means a course grade reduction of one letter, and each additional absence lowers your grade another letter. That means that, assuming you are earning an "A" average, your grade for the course would be "B" if you missed 4 classes, "C" if you missed 5, and so on; 7 missed classes would result in a course grade of "F". Obviously, if your average is "B" or "C", then fewer missed classes would result in an "F" for the course.

If you have any questions or concerns about these grading policies, please see me.

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