ENGLISH 494: Writing and Tutoring

Spring, 2002

Course Schedule

{The readings listed below are contained either in the course packet, which is available at Shipmates in Stuyvesant Plaza, or in A Tutor's Guide, edited by Ben Rafoth, which is a required text in this course.}

Week 1
January 23-25
Introduction to course
Assign Essay #1 (literacy narrative)
Week 2
January 28 - February 1
What is Writing?
Draft of Essay #1 due (Thursday, January 31st)
Readings: Baca, "Becoming a Poet"; Lu, "Writing as Struggle"; Tannen, "Connections" (all in course pack)
Week 3
February 4-8
What is Tutoring?
Revised version of Essay #1 due (Wednesday, February 7)
Begin Essay #2 (analysis of writing instruction)
Begin Writing Center Observations
Readings: Murray, "Teach Writing as Process"; Murray, "The Listening Eye"; Murray, "How Writing Finds Process"; Murphy & Sherwood, "The Tutoring Process" (all in course pack)
Week 4
February 11-15
Thinking About Writing Instruction
Begin Grammar Presentations
First Writing Center Commentaries due
Readings: Murphy & Sherwood, "The Tutor's Role"; North, "The Idea of a Writing Center" (both in course pack)
Week 5
February 18-22
Thinking About Writing Instruction (cont'd)
Draft of Essay #2 due (Tuesday, February 19)
Readings: Lunsford, "Collaboration" (course pack); Macauley, "Setting the Agenda" (Tutor's Guide)
February 25 - March 4 Spring Break
Week 6
March 4-8
Working With Student Writing
Revised version of Essay #2 due (Tuesday, March 5)
Begin Essay #3
Readings: Masiello, "Style"; Trupe, "Organizing Ideas"; Harris, "Talk to Me" (all in Tutor's Guide); Brooks, "Minimalist Tutoring" (course pack)
Week 7
March 11-15
Issues in Tutoring
Readings: Young, "Can You Proofread This?" Agostinelli & Poch, "Emotionally Charged" (both in Tutor's Guide); Murphy, "Freud" (course pack)
Week 8
March 18-22
Language, Literacy, and Diversity
Essay #3 due
Week 9
March 25-29
Language, Literacy, and Diversity, continued
No class on Thursday, March 28 (holiday)
Readings: Jordan, "Nobody Mean More to Me" (course pack)
Week 10
April 1-5
Language, Literacy, and Diversity, continued
Readings: Powers, "Rethinking Writing Center Conferencing Strategies"; Harris & Silva, "Tutoring ESL Students" (both in course pack); Ritter, "Recent Developments" (Tutor's Guide); Fan Shen, "The Classroom and the Wider Culture" (course pack)
Week 11
April 8-12
Writing and Technology
Readings: Coogan (http://www.cwrl.utexas.edu/~ccjrnl/Archives/v12/12_2_html/feature.html); Berry (course pack); Steven Johnson, "How the Computer" (course pack); Cooper Bui, & Riker, "Protocols" (Tutor's Guide)
Week 12
April 15-19
Writing and Technology (cont'd)
Begin work on Portfolio
Week 13
April 22-26
Continue work on portfolio
Week 14
April 29 - May 3
Continue work on portfolio
Week 15
May 6-8
Last Class Meeting
May 9 Portfolio due

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