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Composition Theory and Pedagogy

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Resources for Rhetoric and Composition

This page contains links to various kinds of online resources related to Rhetoric and Composition. Please contact Bob Yagelski with suggestions for relevant sources that may not appear on this page.





Resources for Research in Rhetoric and Composition

  • ERIC Database. One of the most extensive and perhaps the most useful database of educational research.

  • CompPile. A new and evolving online bibliography for work in Rhetoric and Composition that promises to become an essential resources for scholars and teachers of writing.

  • The CCCC Bibliography of Composition and Rhetoric, 1984-1999. This is a new online version of the CCCC bibliography, which lists books and articles specifically in Rhetoric and Composition. A very useful resource for teachers and scholars researching topics in writing and writing pedagogy.

  • Bedford Bibliography for Teachers of Writing, 4th edition. This excellent bibliography, edited by Patricia Bizzell and Bruce Herzberg, contains an extensive list of annotated citations relevant to the study of composition and rhetorical theory and history.

  • Computers and Composition Comprehensive Bibliography. Complete bibliographic listings of all articles published in Computers and Composition.

  • Composition and Rhetoric Bibliographic Database. A site, maintained by Lee Honeycutt at Iowa State University, containing extensive bibliographies for composition and rhetoric. Although this site is no longer being updated, it remains a useful research resource for Rhetoric and Composition.

  • Rhetoric and Composition page. A useful site from the English Server at Carnegie Mellon University containing extensive links for rhetoric, composition, and literacy studies.

  • SUNY-Albany Library Database Search. This site enables you to search a large variety of online databases to find bibliograohic information on articles in any discipline.

Organizations related to Teaching Writing

  • National Council of Teachers of English. The largest professional organization for teachers of English and Language Arts at all levels of education. This web site has useful links to various information sources, journals, and other sites relevant to the teaching of English.

  • Conference on College Composition and Communication. The professional organization for college teachers of writing and scholars in Rhetoric and Composition. CCCC is part of NCTE, but its focus on college-level composition makes it an important organization for anyone interested in teaching and research on composition at the post-secondary level.

  • Alliance for Computers and Writing. This organization of composition scholars and teachers focuses on the uses of computer technology in teaching writing and conducting research in composition.

Journals Relevant to Teaching Writing

  • College Composition and Communication. the preeminent journal in the field of Composition.

  • College English. Although this journal doesn't focus specifically on composition but addresses issues in English Studies more broadly, it routinely publishes important articles related to teaching writing.

  • Computers and Composition. An excellent journal devoted to issues of technology in the teaching of writing.

  • Pre/Text. A rather edgy and provocative journal with an esoteric take on the field.

  • Rhetoric Review. This outstanding journal has a broad focus that encompasses classical rhetoric and rhetorical theory as well composition theory and pedagogy.

  • Journal of Teaching Writing. A less well-known but very useful journal intended for K-12 teachers as well as college-level teachers and scholars.

  • Research in the Teaching of English. One of the few journals still devoted primarily to empirical research. This web site includes an extensive set of links to related resources as well as an annotated bibliography for the journal.

  • Kairos. One of the first exclusively online journal devoted to issues in writing and teaching writing with technology.

  • Academic.Writing. Another exclusively online journal. This journal does not focus only on technology but addresses a broad range of issues in teaching writing.

  • Journal of Advanced Composition. An excellent journal whose focus tends to be on theoretical issues in the teaching of writing.

  • The Writing Instructor. A very solid journal that has recently been redesigned and issued in online form.

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