English 521:
Composition Theory and Pedagogy

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Fall, 2001
Instructor: Robert Yagelski

Welcome to the Website for English 521. This site contains important information on course assignments and activities. Information on this site may be updated during the semester, so please check back periodically.

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English 521 ostensibly introduces students to the "field" of Rhetoric and Composition or Composition Studies. Accordingly, part of the agenda of this course is to explore the theories, practices, and problematics that define the field and to encourage students to examine their participation in that field as teachers, scholars, researchers, and writers. Through varied readings and in-class activities, the course will explore some of the important issues, problems, discourses, practices, and questions around which the field has organized itself. This project of defining the field inevitably begins with questions about the nature of writing (and rhetoric) and writing instruction; it will lead as well to questions about the purposes of literacy education and the role of writing in students' lives.

Ultimately, however, this course is about the teaching of writing at all levels and the myriad ways in which the teaching of writing is understood and enacted. The course thus focuses to a great extent on trying to answer questions about how best (or even whether) to teach writing. It asks students to participate in various activities as writers and teachers as a way of helping them construct viable, workable, theoretically sound composition pedagogies.

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