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Executive Branch

Department Of Commerce | Federal Election Commission | Office of Management & Budget | The White House

Legislative Branch

CapWeb Internet Guide to the U.S. Congress | House Of Representatives | General Accounting Office | Library of Congress | Senate | Thomas: Legislative Information on the Internet

Judicial Branch

Federal Courts | Oyez Oyez Oyez U.S. Supreme Court Multimedia Database | Supreme Court Collection | U.S. Federal Courts Finder | United States Code

Political Parties

Democratic National Committee | Republican National Committee | Green Parties of North America | Libertarian Party | Reform Party | United We Stand America

Brain Trusts

Brookings Institution | Cato Institute | Competitive Enterprise Institute | Economic Policy Institute | Heritage Foundation | New Democratics Online | Progress and Freedom Foundation | Progressive Policy Institute

Business-Government Relations

"The Backlash Against Soft Money" Business Week (3/31/97) | Campaign Finance Reform | Issue Dynamics Inc. | Mother Jones Campaign Finance | The Regulation Home Page | They Rule


Communication Studies: Political Advertising Articles & Resources | The Council of State Governments | E The People | FirstGov is a directory and search engine of government people and programs in all three branches, plus links to state and local governments | Government Information Xchange | The Great American Web Site | National Journal’s Cloakroom | The People & The Power Game a PBS documentary and discussion series which explores the relationship between four crucial power centers of American government | Policy.com | Public Citizen founded by Ralph Nader | State Statutes on the Internet | Vote.com | Votenet


"Democracy goes direct—again" Business Week (8/30/99) | "The Power 25: Top Lobbying Groups" Fortune (5/28/2001)

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