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U.S. Federal Government

Agency for International Development | National Counterintelligence Executive | Foreign Claims Settlement Commission of the Department of Justice | International Trade Commission | Department of State International Information Programs | United States Trade Representative

North American Governments

Free Trade Areas of the Americas | NAFTA

European Governments

CORDIS | Europa the European Union On-Line | European Union

Japanese Government

Japan External Trade Organization | Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry


John Perkins, "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" Video | CSIS - A Student’s Guide to Globalization | Thomas L. Friedman, New York Times "Foreign Affairs" columnist / The World is Flat (MIT lecture May 16 2005) / and counterviews "The World Is Spiky" | Global Policy Forum | Measuring Globalization - Global Policy Forum | | The Scorecard on Globalization Center for Economic and Policy Research (2001)

Cross-Culture Issues

Business culture worldwide | Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Effectiveness | International Business Culture, Customs, and Etiquette | World Values Survey

Human Rights/Corruption/Ethics

Amnesty International | The C2 Principles | Digital Freedom Network | FreeTheWorld | Global Corruption Report | Human Rights Watch | Index of Economic Freedom | Institute for Global Ethics | International Business Ethics Forum | OECD Fighting Bribery and Corruption | Public Citizen Global Trade Watch | Transparency International | United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights


Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) | Commission on Global Governance | CountryWatch | G8 Information Center | Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy | United Nations: Acts Against Terrorism / Conference on Trade and Development / Global Compact / Industrial Development Organization / Statistics Division


International Constitutional Law | International Forum on Globalization | International Law Page | Worldwide Governments on the WWW | WWW Virtual Library: International Affairs Resources


Foreign Affairs | Multinational Monitor: Focus on the Corporation | YaleGlobal Online Magazine | Globalization Not Without Risks | Benjamin R. Barber, "Beyone Jihad vs. McWorld"

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