TALL Mentoring Plan

Tall scholars who are enrolled in ETAP635 in the Spring of 2003 will be required to participate in the following mentoring activities:

Phase I:
March – April 2003
Tall scholars meet with individually assigned in-service mentor teachers (May, Laurie, Stephanie, Jenny, or Nora) and schedule a series of meetings and a minimum of 3 classroom observations.

Phase II:
(mid-late June)
Tall scholars meet with their individually assigned in-service mentor teachers to discuss their technology materials assignment whereby the in-service mentor teacher requests specific materials compiled/produced.

Phase II:
Tall scholars complete one-week intensive technology workshop to learn needed technical skills for their assignments. In-service mentor participation/consultation – to be negotiated.

Phase III:
(July - end of summer institute)
Tall scholars meet again with their in-service mentor teachers to plan materials implementation in the fall.

Phase IV:
(October 2003)
Tall scholars return to their mentor teachers’ classrooms to assist and do some practice teaching with technology.


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