PAD 705 - Support Materials


Introductory Materials

Course Questionnaire

Course Terms and Symbols

A Brief Introduction to Stata

Exam Review Materials

Exam Review Questions From Pindyck and Rubinfeld

Class Handouts

Diagnosing Output from Maximum Likelihood Estimations

Excerpts from Measurement in the Social
Sciences (1980) by Richard A. Zeller and Edward G. Carmines on
Factors Analysis

Factor Analysis - Theory and Examples

Functional Form & Goodness of Fit

Granger Causality [GrangerPoly.dta ]


Heteroskedasticity, Robust Standard Errors, and Weighted Least Squares

Hypothesis Testing on Multiple Parameters

Instrumental Variables

Interpretation of Regression Coefficients When the Dependent Variable is in Logrithms

Introduction to Regression Analysis

Manual Calculation of Regression Parameters, t Tests, and Confidence Interval

Maximum Likelihood Estimation

Midterm Review 2003


Nonlinear Transformations

Omitted Variable Bias

Outliers and DFBETA

Panel Data

Piecewise Linear Regression

Polynomial Distributed Lags [GrangerPoly.dta ]

A Practical Introduction to Qualitative Dependent Variables

Properties of OLS Estimators Under Hetereoskedascity

Standardized Regression Coefficients

Serial Correlation, the Durbin-Watson Statistic, and the Cochrane-Orcutt Procedure

Simultaneous Equations and Two-stage Least Squares

A Theoretical Discussion of Qualitative Dependent Variables


[Research Methods II ]

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