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Project Summary

For this project we wanted to create a guide to understanding this complex film. To do this we put together a movie, “A Map to Mulholland Drive,” which provides a humorous plot summary as well as a more serious analysis of the film's major events and themes.

We also created a map which highlights all of the important routes and locations in Mulholland Drive:

  • Deep River, Ontario
  • The scene of Rita's Accident
  • The walk Rita makes from the car accident to Aunt Ruth's Apartment
  • Aunt Ruth's Apartment
  • Adam Kesher's mansion
  • The Cowboy's Corral
  • LAX Airport
  • Paramount Studios (the location of Wally's audition)
  • Pink's Hot Dog Stand
  • Winkie's Diner
  • Dianne's Apartment

We decided to leave Club Silencio off of the map because it only exists in Diane's dream world. This location was crucial to the film's narrative, primarily to emphasize that what had just played out on screen was a dream. The mysterious Bondar repeatedly tells the audience that “There is no band. It is all an illusion.” However, it is easy to forget this important message, because people are more inclined to take what they see at face value. We thought that including Club Silencio in our map would further muddle this key point.



Group Members: Carissa Danesi, Ariel Emmanuel, Alyssa Hennessey, Jamilia Martineau-Lopez, and Alexandra Oppenheim.

The routes shown on the map are color coded to show which character traveled that path.

    • Blue - Rita
    • Pink - Betty
    • Red - Camilla
    • Green - Diane

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