Gender and Nation in World Cinema

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A WSS 361 - University at Albany, Women's Studies

Course Description
(from the Undergraduate Bulletin)

The aim of this course is to apply critical race, postcolonial and feminist theories to the examination of intersections between gender and nation that occur in cinematic representations from different world regions. We will explore national cinemas in historical, transnational, cultural, and political contexts and reflect on these issues through critical thinking and writing exercises. In a given semester, the course may focus on—through the cross-cultural lens—one geographical region, cultural tradition, or theme. May be repeated once for credit if content varies. This course fulfills the general education global and cross-cultural perspectives requirement. (3 credits)

Prerequisite(s): Recommended but not required: A WSS 281 (Women and the Media) or A WSS 282 (Narratives and Counter-Narratives).

Fall 2010 Syllabus | Mapping Cinema Project

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